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MoneyMatters Listserv

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has developed a listserv specifically for residents who have questions about the management of their educational loan portfolios. MONEYMATTERS is not intended to replace the counsel borrowers receive from their financial aid office, their loan servicer(s), or any financial aid office which provides debt management services for their residents. Rather, MONEYMATTERS is an additional resource residents and Graduate Medical Education (GME) staff may use to help with questions on student loans and repayment.


  • allows residents to post questions about their loan portfolios on a confidential basis
  • will be used proactively to remind subscribers when it is time to file deferment or forbearance forms
  • will be used to notify subscribers of changes in student loan interest rates
  • will be used to notify subscribers about various repayment options, including information about loan consolidation

MONEYMATTERS is free to all residents and GME staff. To subscribe, simply follow these instructions:

Send an EMAIL to: majordomo@aamcinfo.aamc.org 
In the subject field, please provide information which identifies your residency program or your GME affiliation, for example: PGY-3, medicine, (your department or hospital). In the text section of the EMAIL, simply type: 'subscribe moneymatters'  and your EMAIL address

Your request will be sent to the AAMC for approval, after which you should receive a welcome and instructions as to how to use the new listserv MONEYMATTERS.

Should you change EMAIL address, you will need to subscribe again to MONEYMATTERS with your new EMAIL address, as you will be unsubscribed if the postings to MONEYMATTERS are returned as undelivered.

*Please note: All terms in bold/italic appear on our Glossary page.