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Clinical Trials Unit

With an overarching commitment to advancing biomedical research, the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) of New York Medical College (NYMC) offers a fully staffed and dedicated outpatient clinical research suite as well as support at every stage of clinical research. From preparations and planning to staffing and equipment provision, the CTU works in tandem with investigators to ensure a successful launch and operation of clinical and translational trials. The CTU is managed by NYMC’s Office of the Vice President for Research and thus can facilitate seamless access to the full complement of any expertise or resource that is needed.


Housed within the 19 Skyline Drive building at NYMC, the CTU has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding research trials. Comprised of more than 1,520 square feet of space, the CTU has private exam and triage rooms, waiting areas, a nurses station, laboratory and refrigeration equipment, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors and more.


The CTU at NYMC offers two fully equipped patient exam rooms, one triage/exam room, reception area, nursing station, computer equipment, waiting area, restroom and secure storage facilities. The CTU is staffed with a clinical research nurse and a research coordinator who can assist in clinical outpatient trials.


  • Adult/Pediatric Crash Cart
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Cardiac Monitors
  • Phlebotomy Supplies

Office space is available for an additional fee.

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Let the CTU help you meet your research needs with a state-of-the art clinical research facility. Contact the Clinical Trials Unit for a virtual or in-person tour of the facilities. For interested parties, inquiries and further information, please contact us.