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School of Health Sciences and Practice Alumni Leadership Council

SHSP Alumni Leadership Council 6.13.22 cmThe SHSP Alumni Leadership Council is an advisory group to the Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice and the New York Medical College Office of Development & Alumni Relations on matters relating to alumni relations and engagement.

The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Strengthen the bond between the School and its alumni
  • Create programs that match the interests and needs of alumni and students
  • Develop a culture that gives back to further the mission of the School and the College


Christina Damo, M.S. '10 (Speech-Language Pathology)

Karel Amaranth, M.P.H. '10 (Maternal and Child Health)
Jillian Annunziata, M.P.H. '15 (Health Policy and Management)
Linda Assante, M.P.H. '12 (Behavioral Sciences & Health Promotion)
Ellen Bloom, M.P.H. '00 (General Public Health)
Tiffany Channer, M.P.H. '13 (Health Policy and Management)
Sheila Conklin, M.P.H. '00 (Health Policy and Management)
Carolyn DeGoria, D.P.T. '13 (Physical Therapy)
Nina Luppino, M.P.H. '09 (Health Policy and Management)
Zachary R. Messer, M.P.H. '15 (Behavioral Sciences & Health Promotion)
Fnu Namrata, BDS, M.P.H. '18 (Epidemiology)
Jaclyn (Offitto) Rance, M.S. '10 (Speech-Language Pathology)
Jesse S. Rosenblatt, M.P.H. '07 (Health Policy and Management)
Denise Serrano-Eanelli, Dr.P.H. (Health Policy and Management)
Julia Telfer, M.P.H. '15 (Health Policy and Management)
Jason Tenzer, M.P.H. '04 (Health Policy and Management)

For more information and all general inquiries regarding the School of Health Sciences and Practice alumni programs and opportunities, please email the SHSP Alumni Leadership Council or call (914) 594-2720.