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If you want to know where the flu vaccine comes from every year, if you’re curious about the leading edge of knowledge about pediatric cancer or fertility preservation, if you want to know the latest research on Lyme disease, or if you’re interested in the rapidly evolving field of bioethics, you need go no farther than the faculty roster at NYMC. In addition to teaching, our faculty engage in groundbreaking research, pushing the boundaries of current knowledge and adding unique perspectives to their classroom lectures and discussions. 

Many members of our faculty – including Chancellor Halperin – are practicing physicians who bring extensive professional experience to their roles at NYMC. Yet all our faculty are committed to public service, consulting with local health commissioners and speaking at local libraries, homeless shelters, and other community organizations. And still they have the time and commitment to serve as trusted mentors and advisors to their students. 

Our faculty comprises more than 3,000 educators, including physicians, scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals, approximately half of whom are full-time at NYMC. To learn more about specific faculty members, you can search by clicking the link on the left.