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Educational Innovation, Training, and Simulation

The Center for Disaster Medicine, at its core, is an Academic entity that places the learning needs of its students and stakeholders first. Educational innovation highlights the Center’s constant pursuit of exploring new modalities in teaching, novel learning theories, realistic experiences, and a perpetual reexamination of effectiveness. Educators within the CDM maintain involvement in the study of learning, educational technology, knowledge and skills retention, and new trends in training delivery.

Simulation, or the imitation of a real-world system or process, is one specific educational modality that is utilized by the CDM to complement our learning experiences in medicine, emergency preparedness, emergency response, and organizational systems. The Center’s expertise in simulation education and technology allows for increased value in experiential learning. Simulation has been evidenced to improve safety, performance, and efficiency in a multitude of professions, including healthcare, aviation, the culinary arts, manufacturing, organizational business performance, and military science.