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Core Competencies

NYMC Core Competencies are student learning competencies that are embedded in each program of study at NYMC and assessed as part of each program's student learning competencies although there may be differences in how they are phrased for each program.

Scientific Knowledge

Fundamental, general, and discipline-specific scientific knowledge and skills.

Professional Competency

The ability to apply the knowledge and skills of their disciplines to real world settings to the benefit of their professions.

Information Literacy

Students will be able to recognize when there is a need for information, identify and locate information, evaluate information, effectively and responsibly use information.

Critical Thinking and Evidenced-based Reasoning

Critical thinking is a purposeful and self-regulated evaluative process that engages cognitive, affective, and ethical tools intended to interrogate, to understand and to respond to complex ideas or situations.

Literacy, and Written and Oral Communication

The speaker makes strategic rhetorical choices to engage the listener's attention and advance shared understanding. Students will be able to "make strategic stylistic choices to engage a reader's attention and advance shared understanding.