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PTRM 6011 Introduction to Clinical Science in Physical Therapy (Fall and Spring)


Credits: 4

Course Description:

An introduction to the methods used in physical therapy to examine patients and clients, evaluate examination data, generate a physical therapy diagnosis, determine a prognosis and meaningful goals, and create intervention strategies that include consultation or referral, patient/client education, and direct intervention. Students learn examination techniques in depth for range of motion and flexibility. The emphasis in this course is on developing the ability to measure motor function objectively and accurately, and knowledge of the scientific rationale for using a particular examination tool. The interview is seen as an essential source of information and a basis for selecting appropriate evaluations and treatments. Basic skills in handling, positioning, and moving patients are reinforced. Analysis of posture, measurement of joint range of motion, and muscle testing are covered in depth. Students also learn how patients and clients can compensate for functional limitations with the use of wheelchairs and other assistive devices, and work in small groups to perform environmental assessment projects in the community.