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PTRM 7095 Doctoral Project (Fall and Spring)


Credits: 4

Course Description:

The Doctoral Project is a major component of the curriculum, which requires that students integrate many aspects of their academic work and clinical experiences. Successful completion of the Project is dependent on conscientious planning, preparation, and execution of the project from the spring of the first academic year to the spring semester of the third year. Students in groups of two or three choose a topic for their doctoral project from a set of faculty offerings presented to students in the spring of the first year of study. Student groups work with a faculty advisor to explore in depth an issue in one of three areas germane to physical therapy: clinical research, education, or service. Clinical research topics are anchored to the expertise and ongoing scholarship of faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy and School of Health Sciences and Practice. Education projects involve teaching practica and the development of teaching tools. Public health service projects are focused on the development of physical therapy related programs and products that address the educational or health needs of individuals in schools, industry or community groups. All projects culminate in an oral presentation in the last semester of study, and a written manuscript that reflects an insightful synopsis of the project. The ultimate goal of all doctoral projects is peer-reviewed publication of the work, or presentations of the work at a professional meeting.