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EPIM 6025 Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology ()


Credits: 3

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the epidemiology of topics related to maternal and child health (MCH) through a life-course perspective. Students will learn about pertinent issues in MCH by examining peer-reviewed evidence that explores national and international epidemiologic data cross-sectionally and longitudinally; examples will be utilized from relevant MCH-focused health services research. Topics will include, but are not limited to: pre- & interconception care (including contraception); pregnancy health and risk behaviors; childbirth; injury trends in early to mid childhood; and, the impact of parental health on childhood health behaviors and outcomes. All topics will be explored through a social-ecological lens (e.g., factors associated with individuals, providers, communities, countries), to understand how multilevel influences shape outcomes in MCH. Important epidemiological considerations, including study designs and relevant statistical methodologies, of pertinent issues in MCH will be emphasized throughout. Challenges related to the measurement of MCH topics and commonly utilized sources of data (e.g., hospital discharge records; birth certificates) will be examined. Lastly, students will become familiar with how to access MCH epidemiology evidence in high-impact journals in the literature as well as the process by which students can conduct MCH research with robust data sources for their own work.

Prerequisites: EPIM 5002 Introduction to Epidemiology BISM 5001 Introduction to Biostatistics