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Admittance Agreement Between the GSBMS and the SOM

NYMC to guarantee conditional admittance for students in the Accelerated Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Master’s program, or students who have completed this program, who seek admission to the SOM.

November 07, 2022
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“With this exciting and new opportunity, we hope to provide our AMP students with reassurance that their successful performance in our program, alongside other specific standards, will secure them a seat in our School of Medicine,” said Marina K. Holz, Ph.D., dean of the GSBMS. “The students in our program are some of the most hardworking and talented in their areas of study and we want to encourage them to continue their paths to becoming physicians at our School of Medicine.”

In order to meet the criteria for admittance, students must apply to the SOM following the normal procedures specified by the SOM (including completion of CASPer and MMI interview process) and have met the following benchmarks:

  • MCAT and GPA thresholds
    • MCAT > 510
    • For AMP students, graduate GPA >  3.4
      • Graduate GPA after the fall semester (January) or overall GPA for students who have completed the coursework
    • Applicants must maintain professional and academic standards of integrity to be considered for interview and admission by NYMC SOM
    • Enrollment in the SOM is contingent upon the graduation of the student from the Accelerated iBMS program in good academic and professional standing and adhering to the SOM policies including the social media policy.
    • GPA >4 must be maintained upon completion of the program

The SOM is one of the oldest and largest medical schools in the United States, dating back to its founding in 1860. Established by a group of civic leaders focused on training doctors to provide compassionate – as well as competent – medical care, the SOM has grown in size and reputation. Today, it enrolls more than 800 students and offers the following degrees: M.D., M.D./M.P.H. and M.D./Ph.D.

Learn more about the admittance agreement and qualifying criteria.