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Bench-to-Bedside Seminar Series Focuses on Data, Personalization and Digital Health

Susan A. Murphy, Ph.D., the keynote speaker of the virtual Bench-to-Bedside Seminar Series lecture on December 21.

January 11, 2021
Susan A. Murphy, Ph.D. Headshot
Susan A. Murphy, Ph.D.

Dr. Murphy’s lab develops algorithms for wearable devices, to deliver and continually optimize individually tailored treatments. She developed a micro-randomized trial for use in constructing digital health interventions used in a broad range of health-related areas including physical activity, addictions, take-home chemotherapy and obesity. In her presentation, she explored micro-randomized trials, reinforcement learning, an artificial intelligence method, and personalization in mobile health, with a focus on the HeartSteps trial for physical activity for those with stage one hypertension.