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Chess Comes Alive on NYMC Campus

NYMC Unveils New Life-Sized Chess Board

September 05, 2023
Students and leadership holding jumbo chess pieces in front of a jumbo chess board on the floor.

Members of the Chess Club and students from the School of Health Sciences and Practice, joined Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., chancellor and chief executive officer, for the official unveiling on August 22. 

“The chess set really beautifies the campus and provides a lovely place to play some chess and get physical activity in during downtime. The location is perfect—nice and shady and surrounded by greenery, with lots of foot traffic to hopefully get people to join in. The Chess Club is loving the latest addition to the NYMC campus. We know it will be used often,” said Daniel Furhang, School of Medicine Class of 2025 and president of the Chess Club. 

“I am excited for the giant chess board in front of the MEC. I’ve already noticed some of my classmates learning how to play chess with it and I encourage classmates and peers of all levels to use it,” said Yanping Soong, SOM Class of 2027 and vice president of the chess club, who once had a provisional chess rating around 2000. “Chess has taught me how to plan ahead under pressure, act decisively when it matters, recover from setbacks even when I am caught off guard, and if necessary, how to dust myself off from a loss and try again. Of course, I also think it is great fun.”