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Dr. Mitchell Cairo Secures $2.6M FDA Grant for Infant CMV Infection Treatment Research

The Grant Will Explore an Innovative Treatment for Babies Born with Cytomegalovirus Infection, a Common Cause of Birth Defects in the US

April 03, 2024
Mitchell Cairo, MD
Dr. Mitchell Cairo

“Moderate to severe congenital CMV infection in infants results in significant developmental changes and hearing loss,” says Dr. Cairo.  “The current treatment for CMV is the oral antibiotic (anti-viral) drug valganciclovir. Unfortunately, this drug alone is incapable of both eliminating CMV infection and preventing severe neurodevelopmental disabilities.” 

This grant will allow Dr. Cairo and his research team to investigate the safety and effectiveness of combining valganciclovir with CMV memory T-cells from maternal donors to improve outcomes for infants with moderate to severe congenital CMV infection.