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Exploring the Responsibilities of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety

From Hazards to Precautions, EHS Commits to the College’s Safety and Preparedness

May 06, 2024
The members of NYMC's Department of Environmental Health and Safety.
The Department of Environmental Health and Safety safeguards the well-being of the NYMC campus.

What are the responsibilities of your department? 

EHS works to ensure the safety of staff, students, faculty, and visitors by mitigating the dangers from biological, chemical, and radiological hazards. We provide a broad range of services to promote the safety of everyone on campus and to support NYMC’s core mission of teaching, research, and community stewardship. Furthermore, we work closely with Health Services and the Office of Public Safety to ensure that only those with the proper medical clearances and safety training are given access to sensitive research areas on campus. 
How would you describe the day-to-day functions of your department? 

Our day-to-day functions include ensuring the activities on the NYMC/Touro campus meet the compliance standards put forth by regulating agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. In addition to work-specific safety training, we conduct safety inspections of labs, clinics, and other locations for various activities. Our department must also be forward-thinking and work closely with others in academic and administrative departments to identify potential gaps in safety protocols and to mitigate risks wherever they are identified.  
What is the most-asked question from students about your department? 

The most-asked question from students about EHS is: how do they determine the most effective type of personal protective equipment to wear in the lab when working with various chemicals and biological agents? The answer is to consult the Safety Data Sheet for the chemical you’re handling. 
What do you find most interesting or most rewarding about working in your department? 

The most rewarding aspect of working at EHS is knowing we are equipping people with the tools and procedures to keep themselves safe. And when even those preventative measures fail (as they occasionally do), we have even more systems in place to respond quickly and effectively, thereby reducing harm to everyone involved.  
What is one useful tip you can give to students about your department? 
If you are unsure of when you are due for your annual lab training, you can login to your SkyPrep account, which is our third-party software provider, (use the “forgot password” feature if you can’t find it), then check your certificate for the date. If it’s more than a year old, then you are overdue for the refresher course. Additionally, if you aren’t getting email notifications from SkyPrep, then please check your spam folder.