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Faculty from NYMC and Zucker School of Medicine Create Public Outreach Tool to Educate Children about the Science of COVID-19

A free e-book to teach kids about the science of COVID-19.

May 11, 2020
Book Cover Reading "Kelly Stays Home: The Science of Coronavirus"
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Kelly Stays Home: The Science of Coronavirus

The world has changed as a result of COVID-19 and providing children an explanation to why they are not going to school or playing with their friends is critical to controlling the pandemic. Kelly Stays Home: The Science of Coronavirus teaches children the science behind coronavirus by experts who teach physicians and public health workers by day, and now elementary school students (their children) by night. The book explains how viruses spread, how vaccines work, and what herd immunity is to ease the anxiety and fear of children.  Parents will learn how families can advocate for diagnosis, treatment and help the less fortunate during the pandemic.

In addition to their roles as public health professionals, the married parents of three explain, “We wrote this book to discuss with our own kids the science behind the Coronavirus infection, symptoms and treatment. Looking at the children’s literature on the topic, we saw few resources addressing the COVID-19 pandemic from a scientific standpoint, yet accessible to kids of all ages. With all the uncertainty portrayed in the media, it can be easy to lose sight of all we do know about the illness and the steps to prevent transmission and keep our families safe.” 

By making this book available free online, Drs. Block hope to provide a community resource to help families learn more about the virus together.