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Film Screening and Discussion Helps Celebrate Black History Month

The Documentary, Aftershock, Examined the U.S. Maternal Health Crisis

February 13, 2023
Maternal health activists in the documentary Aftershock
Maternal health activists in the documentary Aftershock.

Many participants in the audience were shocked by the statistics provided in the film regarding the maternal health system in the U.S. and particularly the impact on Black women. In the film, one of the advocates who had lost his wife due to preventable childbirth complications, addressed an audience at a rally with the cry, "If you're here today, that shows that you want to re-imagine this system." Wianda Jean, M.S., assistant to the vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion, echoed that sentiment to the audience and encouraged them to use the information they now know about this issue to begin enacting change, particularly as future physicians.

The evening closed with Mill Etienne, M.D. ’02, M.P.H., vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion and associate dean for student affairs, and associate professor of neurology and of medicine, sharing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the medical space at NYMC and details of the implicit bias trainings for staff and faculty.