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Human Resources Offer Tips for Working Remotely

While the remote work option has been around for some time, working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has added some additional challenges.

June 15, 2020
A person working remotely on a laptop at a desk
Working Remotely

Have a Regular Schedule/Morning Routine – Adhere to the same start time each day just as you would when in the office. Mornings are often when people are most productive, so tackle the critical projects first.

Define Boundaries (Office vs. Home) - As the weeks under COVID-19 restrictions have turned into months, and working remotely has become the new normal, the lines between home and office have become blurred. If you have not already done so, establish a dedicated workspace where you can close the door, take phone calls and have the files you need accessible.

Stay Connected – If you regularly have team meetings or one-on-one meetings with your colleagues, keep up those meetings. Regular communication with your staff on priorities and deliverables is necessary and is a morale booster. 

Use Video Conferencing - Use Zoom or video conferencing to connect with your team and colleagues in a more intentional, human way.  While this may be uncomfortable for some, it is important for everyone to have some face time and helps everyone feel less isolated.

Schedule Breaks – If you notice days have come and gone without setting foot outside, then put time on your calendar to go outside and take a walk in the sun—adhering to social distancing guidelines, of course.

Practice Self-Care – Finding time for yourself should be a top priority, whether it is talking a walk, meditating or carving out some extra time with your children. Do whatever helps you to de-stress on a daily basis.