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Medical Student Published in Leading Plastic Surgery Journals

Martina Brozynski, SOM Class of 2024, Studies Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery During Clerkship

November 28, 2023
Martina Brozynski
Martina Brozynski, SOM Class of 2024

“I was drawn to plastic surgery for several reasons. Because it is not limited to one area of the body, there is a great case variety,” said Brozynski, who is currently in the process of applying to residencies in plastic and reconstructive surgery. “Plastic surgeons can fix and solve problems that other surgical subspecialties often cannot, especially regarding reconstructive procedures after cancer resection. And because the results of procedures performed by plastic surgeons are usually very visible, they must take function and aesthetic considerations into account when operating, which makes the job more challenging.” 

In addition to the study on mandibular fracture malpractice cases, Brozynski has also authored a study in Face on operative facial fracture patterns in cannabis users, a study in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery on the impact of pop culture on breast implant illness and its medical relevance and several more publications pending on craniofacial surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery.

“While conducting research is difficult and time-consuming, it is also very rewarding,” said Brozynski, who conducted the projects with researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “I learned first and foremost that one needs to have a defined and realistic question, something that is often overlooked. I also learned that there are often roadblocks that occur while conducting research and the best way to deal with them is to take a step back, make a new plan and don't get discouraged. Most importantly, I learned that research is a team sport and that one can accomplish significantly more with a team than alone.”