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Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments Host Second Annual Neuroscience Research Symposium

The Day Presented Cutting-edge Research for the Collective Advancement of the Neurosciences

October 09, 2023
Nine men and women wearing suits and dresses in an auditorium holding awards
The awardees at the Second Annual Neuroscience Research Symposium.

The keynote address was presented by Olajide Williams, M.D., M.S., professor and vice chair of the Department of Neurology and vice dean of community health at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, director of acute stroke services at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and chief of staff/chief medical officer of neurology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City. A world-renowned leader in stroke disparities and community-based behavioral intervention research, Dr. Williams spoke on stroke outreach to under-resourced communities and the impact being made through the internationally recognized organization that he founded, Hip-Hop Health, which creates and implements public health interventions that target and engage young people in the health of their families and communities.

The Neuroscience Research Symposium: A Meeting of the Minds was inaugurated last year with a powerful goal: to unite scientists, medical professionals and students in sharing cutting-edge research for the collective advancement of the neurosciences. This year's theme, "Forging Pathways from Bench to Bedside and Beyond," aimed to transcend conventional field boundaries.

“Organizing the conference with speakers from New York Medical College, WMC, and Lovelace Biomedical's Mind Research Network was a true pleasure and witnessing the vibrant exchange of ideas from diverse fields was inspiring,” said Fawaz Al-Mufti, M.D., center, associate professor of neurology, neurosurgery and of radiology and associate chair of neurology. “With more than 25 talks, 58 posters and more than 150 attendees, our meeting undeniably achieved its core mission: bridging, attracting and celebrating regional and national researchers in basic and clinical neurosciences, while transforming Westchester, New York into a hub for dismantling neuroscience silos and fostering real-world applications for patient benefit.”

The day concluded with an awards ceremony.

  • Award for Best Basic Neuroscience Abstract: Elizabeth A. Berry, Ph.D. ’23, research fellow 
  • Award for Best Neurology Abstract: Serena Wong, M.D., neurology co-chief resident 
  • Award for Best Neurosurgery Abstract: Sabrina Zeller, M.D., resident
  • Neurosciences Research Fellow Award: Bridget Nolan, SOM Class of 2024
  • Clinical Neurosciences Research Fellow Award: Galadu Subah, Ph.D., research fellow
  • Early Career Pre-Doctoral Translational Abstract Award: Sauson Soldozy, M.D. resident
  • Early Career Pre-Doctoral Neurosurgery Abstract Award: Sima Vazquez, SOM Class of 2024
  • Early Career Pre-Doctoral Neurology Abstract Award: Anjali Goyal, SOM Class of 2026