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NYMC Observes World Mental Health Day, October 10

The Day Encourages Conversations on Mental Health and Highlights the Need for Accessible and Effective Mental Health Services

October 09, 2023
A man and woman in a group speaking with notebooks and coffee
World Mental Health Day's theme for 2023 is "Mental health is a universal human right."

10 Things You Can Do for Your Mental Health:

  1. Value Yourself. Whatever this means to you. Replace self-criticism with self-encouragement. Instead of dwelling on your mistakes, focus on what you've learned from them and let it go.
  2. Take care of your body.
  3. Surround yourself with good people. Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our most personal connections and relationships. This is critical. Don’t be afraid to make a change for your own well-being. 
  4. Give and receive to yourself and others, unapologetically. As health professionals we give and do for others all day. Volunteering locally can make a direct impact on your community or globally. Helping others in need can bring a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.
  5. Set realistic goals. Decide what you want to achieve academically, professionally and personally, write it down and put your energy toward it. Goals can be for today, this week, this month, etc. 
  6. Learn new ways to manage stress. Let’s face it, stress is a part of life. Practice, strengthen and develop tools to effectively manage stress.
  7. Do something different. Walk a different direction. Take a different route. Call someone you usually text. 
  8. Avoid substances. Limit or avoid use of alcohol and other substances. Find other ways to let go, to address discomfort in a healthy way.
  9. Quiet your mind. Meditation, mindfulness, and prayer are powerful practices that can have a positive impact on your mental and emotional well-being.
  10. Get help when you need it. Students and employees have different options for care, but both have access.

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