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NYMC Students Honor First Patients at 33rd Annual Convocation of Thanks

“I will carry the lessons I learned with them throughout my career,” Mr. Ahmed said.

April 19, 2021
Convocation of Thanks: Animated computer Image of Brain with labeled structures on one side of brain and a rainbow coming off from other side
Convocation of Thanks

This year’s Convocation of Thanks also honored the body donors from last year and welcomed their families since the event was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We would not be here without your family’s tremendous gift,” said Moses Bibi, SOM Class of 2024, who was part of a rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings,” a song by artist Bette Midler, which he sang with fellow classmate Lily Spelman. 

The convocation also featured artwork by Asim Ahmed, SOM Class of 2024, which portrayed a visual representation of what the brain can hold, where it pointed out the different sections on one side and bright and colorful artwork on the other side.

“I will carry the lessons I learned with them throughout my career,” Mr. Ahmed said.

SOM Class of 2024 Student Yazan Al-Aljouni read a piece called “Selfless Virtue,” which was put together from a journal he kept during his time in the anatomy course. He called the opportunity to study the body, thanks to the donors, “beyond thoughtfulness” and said it was an experience marked by intimacy and appreciation. “It taught me humanity,” Mr. Al-Aljouni said.

The students concluded by playing a video of the planting the Class of 2024 tree, dedicated to remembrance and gratitude toward the “first patients” and their families.

After the presentations by the students, the families were given the option to go into virtual break-out rooms where they could talk to the students about the presentations and the time they spent with their first patients.