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NYMC Welcomes Derek Staudohar as Director of Engineering

Staudohar Is Responsible For The Smooth Operation Of The College’s Mechanical Assets

February 06, 2023
Derek Staudohar, B.S.
Derek Staudohar, B.S.

In his new role, Staudohar will manage dozens of mechanics and be responsible for supervising all engineering compliance reports, including fire, emissions and generation reports. He will also consult on issues relating to engineering, construction and design projects at the College.

“I’ve been very impressed with the people at NYMC. Everyone has been very welcoming, receptive and genuinely nice to me. It’s just refreshing to be at a new place with exciting new challenges,” said Staudohar. “I look forward to helping the operations of NYMC run smoothly and efficiently.”

Staudohar earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Stony Brook University and is currently pursuing a professional engineering license.