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SOM Welcomes Student Senate E-Board Officers

SOM Student Senate E-board Members are Ready to Serve the Student Body this New Academic Year

July 24, 2023
Four women and one man smiling side by side.
From left: Katherine Lo, Doria Weiss, Lillian Huang, Audrey Huang and Alexander Park

Katherine Lo

SOM Class of 2024, President
Woman smiling facing forward with brunette hair and black suit jacket“I am immensely honored to serve as the SOM Student Senate president this year. Throughout my time at NYMC, I continue to be inspired by the unique experiences, dedication and passion for change among the many students and faculty with whom I have had the pleasure of interacting. As president, I will continue to represent the student voice through initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational, professional and personal growth experience at NYMC. The Senate looks forward to expanding opportunities for alumni networking and career development, advancing service and volunteerism efforts and continuing efforts to support student wellness. I strongly encourage students to reach out to me or any member of the Senate with any comments, concerns or suggestions for improving any aspect of the NYMC experience. Here’s to another amazing year!”


Woman with blond hair wearing a white lab coat smiling in front of NYMC backdropDoria Weiss

SOM Class of 2025, Vice President

“As vice president, my goal is to work closely with student leaders and faculty to drive initiatives to support student success, enhance collaboration across student-led organizations and serve as a voice for the student body. A key focus will be implementing initiatives to improve student wellness and mental health. I am looking forward to helping foster a team-driven, supportive environment within the Senate, focusing on mentorship and personal growth as leaders.”


Woman smiling with a white lab coat in front of a brick wallLillian Huang

SOM Class of 2026, Secretary

"With a focus on organization, transparency and accessibility, I am dedicated to not only elevating the visibility of the Senate and its initiatives but also amplifying the voices and achievements of our vibrant student and faculty communities. As secretary, I look forward to ensuring fair representation and recordkeeping in our monthly meetings, diversifying our school merchandise, expanding our social media and producing a student-focused newsletter to celebrate the SOM. It's an honor to continue collaborating with bright minds at NYMC. Stay tuned for a year of excellence via @nymcsenate on Instagram and Twitter!"


Woman smiling facing forward wearing a white coat in front of a brick wallAudrey Huang

SOM Class of 2026, Treasurer

"As treasurer, I am looking forward to fostering a culture of fiscal responsibility that will empower the NYMC student community and its initiatives. My primary focus is to ensure the appropriate and timely distribution of funds, while streamlining the reimbursement process and maintaining effective expense tracking. I also aim to establish more opportunities for student organizations to connect, exchange ideas and form valuable partnerships. I am dedicated to cultivating strong relationships with student groups and will provide them with the necessary support and resources to thrive in their endeavors."


Male student in a suit and tie smiling forwardAlexander Park

SOM Class of 2026, Outreach Coordinator

"As the outreach coordinator, my goal is to help foster strong and impactful relationships between current students and our incredible alumni network. I am excited to help organize mixers and opportunities for students to interact with alumni who have made significant impacts in their fields of medicine. I am very excited and grateful for the opportunity to serve our student community! I look forward to strengthening the bridge between students and alumni to empower our students to become exceptional physicians."