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The Office of eLearning Ensures Seamless Online Learning at NYMC

The Office Provides Essential Support To Virtual Learning, Academic Support And Course Design

October 03, 2022
Donna Berger
Donna Tartaglione Berger, assistant director of the Office of eLearning

What are the responsibilities of the Deans’ Office of eLearning?

The Office of eLearning is committed to supporting, promoting and amplifying the enhancement of teaching and learning that incorporates online technologies. Our team helps to develop and promote standards for excellence in online and hybrid teaching for faculty as well as students. We carry out operating policies and procedures with a focus on online course design, development, faculty training and mentoring along with the support of all online instructional programs offered throughout the School of Health Sciences and Practice (SHSP) and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBMS) at NYMC.

How would you describe the day-to-day functions of the Office?

On a day-to-day basis, we train and assist faculty to design and deliver high-quality online and blended courses. We also support all faculty in online pedagogy and creating Canvas sites for their online, hybrid and in-person  courses. While we offer best practices and facilitate workshops for faculty, we also plan, implement and manage the district-wide online course development process including faculty training, instructional design and quality course design reviews.

What is the most-asked question from students about the Office?

The most asked question we receive from students is for tips on how to be successful in an online program. Depending on what they need, we remind them about our Student Resource site on Canvas and refer them to  the link to the specific module. We also discuss organization and management for a successful online course as well as mental health and wellness.

What do you find most interesting or most rewarding about working in the Office?

Every day is different in its own creative way. One day it could be all about student support and training while another day could be designing online courses and working with faculty to deliver an engaging and enriching experience. We enjoy working with and supporting both our faculty and students. 

What is one useful tip you can give to students about the department?

The Office of eLearning strives to support our students. Our services deliver quick, high quality and rewarding educational support. We encourage students to reach out to us at elearning@nymc.edu from day one, when we meet at orientation. We are the team that will answer questions, support concerns and serve as a resource.