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The Purchasing Office Secures the Needs of the NYMC Community

The Purchasing Office handles a large amount of time-sensitive purchasing requests to seamlessly keep the College’s needs supported.

March 07, 2022
Maribel Giraldo, M.S.

What are the responsibilities of the Purchasing Office? 

The Purchasing Office assists the entire NYMC community with procuring goods and services. This includes everything from placing orders and helping with returns, as well as general help and support using TouroOne Buy on Unimarket, the electronic procurement platform of the Touro College and University System. The Office also works closely with Accounts Payable to ensure all payments are processed in a timely manner.

How would you describe the day-to-day functions of the Office?

It is a fast-paced environment, as most requests for services and goods are time-sensitive. We always want to do our best, so we try to make sure turn-around is as quick as possible. This in turn makes the days fly by. 

What is the most-asked question from faculty or staff about the Office?

The questions usually surround general processing assistance like how to complete requisitions for check requests and purchase orders on TouroOne Buy.

What do you find most interesting or most rewarding about working in the Office?

Every purchase is made to support the mission of the College and its varying initiatives, events and research projects. This gives me the opportunity to work closely with every department at NYMC.

What is one useful tip you can give about the Office?

Remember, we approve every single purchase order, so please allow ample time for orders to be properly reviewed and approved. We do not cut corners but will always do our best to expedite the process. Every order is important to us.

Maribel Giraldo, M.S.
Assistant Director of Procurement Services
Phone: (914) 594-4696

Ernesto Paredes
Procurement Secretary I
Phone: (914-594-3871