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Wen-Hui Wang, M.D., Awarded $2.7 Million NIH Grant for New Treatments for Hypertension

Study Will Explore The Mechanism By Which The Kidney Adequately Balances Sodium And Potassium Ions In The Body

November 28, 2022
Wen-Hui Wang, M.D.
Wen-Hui Wang, M.D.

“The kidney plays a key role in maintaining sodium and potassium ions homeostasis in the human body. Imbalance of sodium ion in the body causes hypertension, whereas the disturbed balance of potassium ions in the body causes heart problems,” said Dr. Wang, who will conduct the research in collaboration with David Ellison, M.D., at the Oregon Health and Science University.

The study will explore the mechanism by which the kidney adequately balances sodium and potassium ions in the body. “We have identified a novel mechanism by which the kidney senses changes in dietary sodium and potassium content and regulates excretion and absorption,” said Dr. Wang. “This new concept will expand the current knowledge regarding sodium and potassium transport and may lead to the development of new treatment approaches for hypertension and dyskalamia.”