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New York Medical College Awarded Grant to Improve Pediatric Care In New York State

Grant from The Children’s Dream Foundation to support purchase of a SimBabyTM for the NYMC Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

Date: February 19, 2019
 NYMC Clinical Skills and Simulation Center
NYMC Clinical Skills and Simulation Center
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Jennifer Riekert, M.B.A.
Vice President of Communications and Strategic Initiatives
New York Medical College
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Valhalla, NY – New York Medical College (NYMC) has acquired two innovative teaching devices thanks to generous 2017 and 2018 grants from The Children’s Dream Foundation, an organization working to advance pediatric emergency medicine in New York’s Hudson Valley region.

These grants have enabled the NYMC Clinical Skills and Simulation Center to purchase two advanced infant patient simulators known as a SimBabyTM and Premature AnneTM. Each high-fidelity simulator features realistic anatomy and clinical functionally. SimBabyTM allows the College to provide hands-on, comprehensive pediatric emergency care training for a nine-month-old patient so that students can experience a variety of clinical situations from routine clinic screenings to critical care scenarios. Premature AnneTM is a 25-week preterm manikin that provides learners the unique opportunity to provide expert emergency care to critically ill premature babies. By supporting the purchase of this innovative training technology, The Children’s Dream Foundation’s grants will help improve the quality of pediatric care for thousands of children throughout Westchester County. 

“At New York Medical College, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and holistic teaching modalities to create an interactive and emotionally safe learning experience for our students. Both SimBabyTM and Premature AnneTM enhance patient safety training for students and medical professionals by recreating scenarios that providers face when caring for infants in real clinical environments. By providing students with the opportunity to hone their clinical skills and master team-based care in a controlled training environment, we can better equip them with the necessary skills to help some of our most precious patients,” said Katharine Yamulla, director of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center at NYMC. “We are honored to assist in carrying out the mission of The Children’s Dream Foundation and are grateful that they have awarded our school with these meaningful grants so that we can better train our students and service infants and families in the Westchester community.” 

The purchase of a SimBabyTM and Premature AnneTM supports The Children’s Dream Foundation’s commitment to ensuring all children receive the best medical care possible and NYMC’s continued education of the next generation of healthcare professionals. 

About New York Medical College

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Children’s Dream Foundation

Since 1992, the Children’s Dream Foundation (CDF) has provided grants to health care organizations to ensure that the highest pediatric health care, especially emergency services, is available to all children in New York’s Hudson Valley region. Currently, CDF is the only organization in this region specifically working to advance pediatric emergency medicine.