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Chair's Welcome to the Program

Kelly A. Hutcheson, M.D., M.B.A.

Welcome to New York Medical College Department of Ophthalmology.  While we are home to one of the oldest ophthalmology residencies in the country, we are also new.  I came to this department two years ago with a special vision to propel it to excellence and to build up on the already outstanding foundation, to make it bigger and bolder.  Our residents have exceptional clinical training in ophthalmology, including devoted and skilled senior faculty members who are passionately committed to teaching and education, and a diverse patient population with high complexity medical and surgical problems. 

My passion for program building allowed me to see how we could take this impressive base and complement it with other fun and creative ways that reinforce medical education in a way that aligns with adult learning styles.  To date, we have started a community-based journal club where senior faculty come together in someone's home or a restaurant to discuss current topics from various ophthalmology sub-specialties.  We have sent residents to local, state and regional eye society meetings.  We are using innovative three-dimensional heads up (3D HUD) surgery as a novel teaching tool for cataract surgery.  We also role-play for difficult patient scenarios.  And along the way, the residents have a very close relationship with the faculty so they can call upon us at any time.  In a larger program, that might not be possible, but here, we foster a close knit environment where communication and collaboration are key.

The ideal resident to join our program is someone with a true appreciation for the gift that we are given to be able to practice medicine.  You should be enthusiastic and energetic in your commitment to mastering the field, and self-motivated to go above and beyond to foster the didactics of the program with your own reading and learning.  We are all grateful every day to do what we do and want to share that with you.

Kelly A. Hutcheson, M.D., M.B.A.
Chair, Department of Ophthalmology
New York Medical College