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Guiding Values

At NYMC, we believe success in fulfilling our mission begins with the commitment we have to our values. These guiding values consist of:


We believe in holding ourselves to high professional and academic standards. We are therefore committed to pursuing ambitious goals and quality assurance in our intellectual, educational and programmatic endeavors. We strive not to rest on our accomplishments, but rather to build on them to set new standards in our fields.

Human Dignity

We believe that before health professionals see patients, they must first see their patients, and themselves, as people. This commitment to acknowledging and appreciating the entirety of a person will lead our students to develop professional and personal integrity.

Intellectual Curiosity

We believe in the importance of a life-long commitment to intellectual curiosity that encourages individuals to not only seek to push beyond boundaries of research but also to question commonly-held assumptions. By providing an atmosphere where students and faculty are encouraged to seek out, master and respond, to the latest advances in their fields of study, we can further health sciences research and patient care.


We believe that health care education and research should not be pursued solely for the sake of intellectual edification. Rather, we are committed to the belief that health care education should be used to improve the lives of patients and benefit the communities we serve.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that the rich diversity of our student body and faculty is important to our mission of educating outstanding well-rounded health care professionals for the multicultural world of the 21st century. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion encompasses our accommodation for Jewish observance and culture, as we recognize the benefit of providing Jewish students the ability to become health care leaders in an environment where they do not have to choose between professional and personal values and obligations. This commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to all members of the greater NYMC community on and off campus.


We believe that acting on our values in pursuit of our mission will keep us both true to our mission and to our values. We strive not only for a culture that complies with our norms and policies. We strive to embed a culture of integrity into everything we do.