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BMSM 5145 Medical Microbiology & Immunology ()


Credits: 8

Course Description:

This course will cover the basic principles by which our bodies defend against infectious diseases and aims to promote an understanding of the biology of pathogenic microorganisms in the disruption of cellular homeostatic processes. During the first part, emphasis will be placed on understanding canonical cellular interactions, pathways, and intricate regulatory circuits that underlie our immunologic responses to infections and towards understanding how select pathogens evade the defense system. In addition, components of the course will highlight how dysregulation of the immune system results in allergies, autoimmunity and ineffective responses to pathogens and cancer. Emphasis will also be placed on applying our knowledge towards understanding current vaccination and immunotherapeutic strategies, as well the development of future immunological-based therapies. As inflammation is a central component of our homeostatic repair process and the principles of “inflammation and repair” will also be covered. During the second part, principles of microbial pathogenicity will be presented from the perspective of both the microorganism and the host response. The concepts covered include the clinical significance and epidemiology/demographics, basic properties of microorganisms, their physiology, biochemistry and genetics, pertinent structures (virulence factors), pathogenesis (tissues and mechanism), clinical presentation and manifestations, antimicrobial therapeutics, antimicrobial resistance, host immune response (linked to the first part), laboratory diagnosis and disease prevention. Included are nosocomial infections and emerging and re-emerging diseases and global health issues and the role of the human microbiome in health and disease. Students are taking classes alongside students enrolled in the school of medicine. This course runs for approximately 8 weeks.

Prerequisites: BMSM 5110 and BMSM 5120. Limited to Accelerated Master’s students only.

Lectures and small group activities. Letter-graded.