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Physiology Course Descriptions

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PHYM 1010, 1020 Mammalian Physiology
PHYM 1011 Fundamentals of Cell Physiology
PHYM 1013 Physiology of Organ Systems
PHYM 1015 Mammalian Physiology I
PHYM 1025 Mammalian Physiology II
PHYM 1310 Dental Physiology
PHYM 1409, 1410 Mammalian Physiology 1A (Fall) & 1B (Spring)
PHYM 2020 The Heart
PHYM 2030 Pathophysiological Mechanisms of the Heart
PHYM 2040 Cardiovascular Development
PHYM 2110 The Peripheral Circulation
PHYM 2120 Vascular Physiology
PHYM 2130 Vascular Smooth Muscle and Control of the Microcirculation
PHYM 2310 Cellular Physiology
PHYM 2320 Biology of Nitric Oxide
PHYM 2410 Renal Physiology and Membrane Transport
PHYM 2510 Reproduction
PHYM 2520 Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Physiology
PHYM 2620 Pulmonary Physiology
PHYM 2730 Cellular Neurophysiology
PHYM 2910 Physiology of Exercise and Special Environments
PHYM 2920 Use of Radioisotopes in Biology & Medicine
PHYM 7010 Directed Readings in Physiology
PHYM 7102 Selected Topics in Physiology: Oxidant and Antioxidant Mechanisms in Health and Disease
PHYM 8010 Journal Club
PHYM 8020 Seminar/Research Rounds
PHYM 8311 Graduate Student Teaching Assistance in Physiology
PHYM 8312 Graduate Student Teaching Assistance in Physiology
PHYM 9110 Research Rotation in Physiology
PHRM 9200 Research Techniques in Physiology
PHYM 9500 Techniques in Physiological Research
PHYM 9700 Master’s Independent Study
PHYM 9750 Master’s Literature Review
PHYM 9800 Master's Thesis Research
PHYM 9850 Master’s Thesis
PHYM 9900 Doctoral Dissertation Research