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PHYM 7010 Directed Readings in Physiology ()


Credits: 1-2 credits

Course Description:

Students undertake a course of independent study under the guidance of one or more faculty advisors. Readings from textbooks, handbooks, monographs and the scientific periodical literature are assigned in a specific area of physiology that is relevant to the student’s interests. The student’s progress is monitored and evaluated through a series of oral or written examinations, oral presentations by the students to the faculty advisors(s), and one or more written essays or term papers based upon the assigned reading. A letter grade is assigned based upon the student’s performance in these exercises. This course may be taken more than once with concentration upon different topics in physiology. Available topics include cardiovascular, cardiac, vascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, muscle, renal, cellular, endocrine, or comparative physiology; neurophysiology; physiology special senses or special environments; fluid and electrolyte physiology; or customized topics.

Prerequisites: PHYM 1010 and PHYM 1020 or the equivalent AND permission of the instructor

Independent study. Conferences: 1-2 hrs./wk. Letter-graded.