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PHYM 1015, 1025 Mammalian Physiology I (Fall) & II (Spring) ()


Credits: PHYM 1010 - 4 credits, PHYM 1020 - 4 credits

Course Description:

This 2-semester course provides the student with an introduction to how organ systems, composed of cells and tissues, function in the body. The objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of basic mammalian and human physiology. This course will cover the functions of mammalian organisms on several levels including organ systems, organs, cellular and subcellular levels. Organ systems covered in this 2-semester course include cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, endocrine, neural and gastrointestinal. Overall, students will gain a better understanding of body function. In addition, students will comprehend how certain basic and common pathological conditions alter human health and affect physiological function. This is a two-semester course, with part 1 running in the fall semester from August through December, and part 2 running from January through May. The course is composed of lectures, with 4 hours of lectures per week.

Prerequisites: Limited to Accelerated Master’s students only.

Lectures: 4 hrs./wk. Letter-graded.