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BMSM 8042 Interdisciplinary Seminar ()


Credits: 1

Course Description:

Attending seminars beyond a student’s area of expertise is a wonderful approach to learn topics peripheral to one’s interests. Each department (Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences) offers a seminar series that often blends together an overview of a topic to a general audience with specific focuses. Students enrolled in this course will be required to attend up to 6 departmental seminars (hosted by basic or clinical departments) or plenary keynote addresses at various student research forums and submit a synopsis and commentary of the talk, highlighting specific aspects identified in the course guidelines. The commentary should be in a format similar to those found in major peer-reviewed journals that publish commentaries or editorial essays and should help a reader understand the topics that were discussed in the seminar. The student will be encouraged to include background information from the literature, allowing them to be familiar with the field and to include their own critiques or editorial comments. The synopsis should include alternative explanations to those presented at the seminar.

Prerequisites: Limited to students in the Dental Linker Program.