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CBAM 1360 Cell Biology ()


Credits: 3

Course Description:

This course focuses primarily on eukaryotic cells. Lectures are devoted to structural details and the molecular functions of the different parts of the cell. Lectures will introduce topics such as endocytosis, intra-membrane transport, protein targeting, organelle biosynthesis, protein sorting, exocytosis, cell shape, motility, and cell-to-cell interaction. Lectures also deal with signal transduction processes and cellular functions that are required for cell growth and programmed cell death. By its completion, students should have a comprehensive understanding of the architecture and function of living cells. In addition, emphasis is placed on experimental approaches taken to elucidate certain biology principles, including “paper sessions” with active participation by students.

Prerequisites: BCHM 1010 or equivalent

Lectures: 3 hrs/wk. Letter-graded.