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CBAM 7101 Novel Mechanisms in Protein Synthesis ()


Credits: 1

Course Description:

Being able to interpret primary literature and being effective communicators are necessary skills for individuals who participate in all aspects of scientific and health professions. The 7100 series courses will allow students to gain skills in reading scientific articles and to practice the art of communication (both oral and written) with their peers. Each 7100 series course will involve students to make a group presentation as well as write several short synopses of assigned research papers. Two 7100 series courses are required for students enrolled in the evening Master’s programs. Open to other MS and PhD students. The specific focus of this course will be on mechanisms that could account for the translation of very short open reading frames (ORFs) and on exploring how these short proteins may be involved in normal and pathological cellular functions. Understanding these mechanisms will open the door to novel therapeutic strategies.

Prerequisites: BCHM 1010. Enrollment for each 7100 series course is limited to 9 students.

Letter graded. Lectures and discussions: 2 hrs/session/selected wk.