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MCRM 1010, 1020 General Microbiology I (Fall) & II (Spring) ()


Credits: MCRM 1010 - 4 credits, MCRM 1020 - 4 credits

Course Description:

Part I explores the biology of microorganisms with a detailed discussion of microbial structure, physiology and growth with special emphasis on bacterial metabolism. The fundamental biological properties of microorganisms will be related to their role in nature and the means by which they are manipulated in the laboratory with a detailed discussion of viruses, their structure and function and mechanism of infection. Part II continues with molecular mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis and the role of virulence factors in diseases caused by infectious agents will also be discussed.


Lectures: 4 hrs/wk. Letter-graded. Students cannot earn credit for this course if they have previously earned credit for MCRM 1410.