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PHRM 2110 Selected Topics in Neuropharmacology ()


Credits: 2

Course Description:

This course surveys selected areas of research areas of particular interest to modern neuropharmacology. This includes lectures on areas of basic neurobiology that underlie the actions of important pharmacological agents, or which relate to current efforts to develop novel therapeutic agents. Also includes are lectures covering the pharmacology of selected CNS-active agents which are of intense current interest to the medical community and general public; and lectures covering the pathophysiology of specific neurological or psychiatric disorders and the therapeutic actions and side effects of drugs used in treatment of these disorders. The course consists of a series of lectures on the subject matter selected; with appropriate reading assignments prepared by each lecturer relevant to the topic. Student performance is evaluated by two exams each covering half of the course and given equal weight.

Prerequisites: PHRM 1010 or PHRM 1020 is a pre- or co-requisite

Lectures: 2 hrs./wk. Letter-graded.