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CHSM 7098 Health Policy and Management Comprehensive Examination (Fall and Spring)


Credits: There is no credit awarded for the comprehensive examination. The cost of the exam is equivalent of 1 credit. There may be an additional fee required for exam proctoring. This fee is paid directly to the proctor by the student.

Course Description:

Course Description: The Health Policy and Management Comprehensive Examination is an alternative for the culminating experience. Students are expected to take the Capstone of their division. The only exceptions are those in the Accelerated Program, are Active Military, or for extenuating circumstances. The comprehensive examination is a proctored comprehensive examination that covers all core areas of knowledge offered by the Department of Public Health as well as the core areas of knowledge offered by the Health Policy and Management Department (see core requirements). Students must earn a minimum score of 80% to complete this degree requirement. More details regarding content and preparation will be available upon registration for this examination. One must receive approval from the Division Director of their respective program and the Chair of the Department to opt out of the Capstone and take the comprehensive examination.