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Health Policy and Management Course Descriptions

HPMM 5001 Health Care in the United States
HPMM 5002 Health Economics
HPMM 5003 Law and Health
HPMM 6008 Financial Administration of Health Delivery Systems
HPMM 6010 Financial Implications of Managing Health Care
HPMM 6027 The Management Process in Health Service Organizations
HPMM 6029 Long-Term Care Delivery Systems
HPMM 6036 Information Systems for Health Care Management
HPMM 6039 Human Resource Management
HPMM 6048 Organizational Theory
HPMM 6050 Grant Writing in the Real World
HPMM 6051 Developing the Strategic Plan
HPMM 6056 Strategic Management of Communications in Healthcare Organizations
HPMM 6057 Leadership, Power and Influence
HPMM 6058 Health Services Organization and Management
HPMM 6059 Managing Change and Decision-Making in the Health Care Industry
HPMM 6060 Alternative Health Delivery Settings: Exploring Behavioral and Correctional Health
HPMM 6061 Managing Long-Term Health Care Facilities
HPMM 6062 Ethics in Health Care
HPMM 6064 Strategic Management
HPMM 6065 Making Information Work for the Modern Manager
HPMM 6068 Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective
HPMM 6069 Health Policymaking in the United States
HPMM 6070 Delivering Healthcare Services to the Aged
HPMM 6071 Leading Healthcare Organizations towards Performance Excellence
HPMM 6072 Systems Thinking and Design
HPMM 6073 Marketing in Health Care Organizations
HPMM 6074 Current Issues in Public Health – Practical Approaches & Policy Implications
HPMM 6092 Seminar in Health Policy and Management
HPMM 7090 Field Experience in Health Policy and Management
HPMM 7091 Directed Research in Health Policy and Management
HPMM 7093 Tutorial in Health Policy and Management
HPMM 7094 Health Policy and Management Thesis
HPMM 7096 Health Policy and Management Capstone
CHSM 7098 Health Policy and Management Comprehensive Examination
CHSM 7088E Applied Practice Experience (APE)
HPMM 8010 Socioeconomic Determinants of Health
HPMM 8011 Health Care Economics
HPMM 8012 Health Services Research and Evaluation I
HPMM 8013 Introduction to Public Health Law
HPMM 8014 Public Health Leadership
HPMM 8015 Regulation and Market Approaches to United States Health Care
HPMM 8016 Political Economy of United States Healthcare Reform
HPMM 8017 Clinical and Research Ethics
HPMM 8019 Health Services Research and Evaluation II: Applications of Research
HPMM 8092 Doctoral Research Seminar
HPMM 9090 / HPMM 9091 Internship 1 / Internship 2
HPMM 9093 Independent Study in Health Policy and Management
HPMM 9094 Directed Doctoral Research
HPMM 9095 Dissertation Research
INHM 6001 Primary Health Care Around the World
INHM 6005 Infectious Diseases and Public Health
INHM 6007 Comparative Healthcare Delivery Systems
INHM 6008 Women and Health: A Global Perspective