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HPMM 7096 Health Policy and Management Capstone (Fall and Spring)


Drs. Kaplan, Bedell & Serrano-Eanelli


Course Description:

(Culminating Experience for On-Campus Students) The capstone is a culminating experience designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills they have acquired through their Masters in Public Health (MPH) education. Students will work cooperatively in groups on real-time public health issues appropriately applying, theory, methods and tools learned in the MPH program. In groups, students will define their project research question or area of research focus, perform a thorough literature review and discussion, apply the program-specific methodology to develop and/or evaluate the prescribed program, service, or legislation, and present their findings in both a written report and an oral presentation to internal and/or external stakeholders.

Prerequisites: Students are eligible for the capstone course upon successful completion of all courses and practicum. Prior approval from the department chair is required. In the event that a student cannot complete all of the elective credits for graduation prior to enrolling in the Capstone course, s/he may concurrently enroll in ONE online elective for the spring term, with permission of the Health Policy and Management Advisor or Global/International Health Program Director.