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HPMM 8013 Introduction to Public Health Law (Fall and Spring)


Credits: 4

Course Description:

Introduction to Public Health Law introduces doctoral students to the U.S. legal environments of public health, including constraints imposed by constitutional, statutory, regulatory, fiscal and political requirements. The course explores the sources of law and their interrelationships, legal protections of fundamental rights, government police powers, healthcare regulations, access to health care, ethics, legal liability, and legal influences on public health programs. Students are also exposed to the political and advocacy aspects of the law-making process as it relates to public health, with the goal of providing a realistic and practical assessment of how public health legal issues can be addressed within the political process. In its review of these issues, the course involves the exploration of new developments and emerging case law in the areas of public health and health care, the relationships between public health science and research and the law and the role of legal and legislative advocacy in the realm of public health reform. Interactive class sections consist of a combination of student presentations, faculty-led discussions, and conversations with guest speakers who are leaders in health law practice, as well as case studies in public health law, legislation, litigation and policy.