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HPMM 6060 Alternative Health Delivery Settings: Exploring Behavioral and Correctional Health (Fall and Spring)




Course Description:

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of behavioral health services utilizing a case study methodology. The awareness and acceptance of, as well as advances in, treatment for mental illness throughout history to present day will be explored. Case studies will examine behavioral health services in a variety of settings including: hospitals, prisons, colleges and universities, rural and urban communities, and western and developing countries. Legal, financial, regulatory, and other issues unique to behavioral health will be explored including the importance of integrating behavioral health services with medical and surgical services. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the historical, financial, legal, regulatory, and care delivery issues unique to behavioral health services. Societal issues affecting both the providers and recipients of behavioral health services will be examined, including stigma from both within and outside the healthcare delivery system.