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HPMM 8019 Health Services Research and Evaluation II: Applications of Research (Fall and Spring)


Drs. Knapp & Tantsyura

Credits: 3

Course Description:

This course builds upon Health Services Research and Evaluation I. The primary focus will be on the practical application of evaluation principles and methods to health services programs and policies. Particular emphasis will be given to the research process, from the initial research design to writing up statistical results, to prepare students for their own dissertation research. Students will cover topics including the systematic management of data collection; economic cost analyses; quantification of uncertainty by combining objective and subjective information; measurement and evaluation of outcomes; comparison of outcomes with several attributes through utility analysis; and a review the application of descriptive statistics, T-test, ANOVA, Chi Square, Correlation, Scattergram and Multiple Regression.

Prerequisites: Health Services Research and Evaluation I and STATA or demonstrated competency in a statistical software package.