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PFDM 6001 Acquisition/development of feeding/swallowing skills in children (Semester 1)


Lindsay Murray-Keane M.S., CCC-SLP, IBCLC, CNT Emily Stoddard M.S., CCC-SLP Hannah Tahhan-Jackson M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S, IBCLC, CNT

Credits: 3

Course Description:

Acquisition/development of feeding/swallowing skills in children This is a foundational course which provides a thorough understanding of normal swallow physiology including the embryology, anatomy, and physiology of the swallow mechanism in a developmental context from birth to adolescence. The class learns to identify influencing factors on the swallow function such as medical comorbidities, developmental skills, and child engagement. The learning is completed via learning modules that explore the neurobiology of the swallow mechanism; In utero development of feeding and swallowing; normal development: birth to adolescence; developmental care; principles of assessment; and the Introduction to objective assessments. Meaningful assignments aid in the understanding and practical applications of the learning modules. Assignments are created to be beneficial in class and in the SLP’s practice. Evidence-based practice issues are incorporated into all aspects of the course. Interdisciplinary approaches to this area of typical/normal acquisition are discussed.