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SLPM 6062; 6063, 6064 Management of Medical Patients I, II and III ()


Credits: 3

Course Description:

This three-part seminar course introduces students to the scope of speech-language pathology practice in medical settings. It provides familiarity with speech-language cognitive and swallowing disorders commonly encountered in medical settings; as well as medically-oriented diagnostic, treatment and reporting practices. Students will also acquire familiarity with equipment and terminology employed in medical settings, and with elements of pathophysiology and pharmacology associated with speech-language disorders in medical settings. Specific content will include infection control practices, exposure to critical care units and pertinent equipment, working with laryngectomized individuals and gaining familiarity with tracheo-esophageal puncture and one-way valves, working with patients that are ventilator-dependent with/without speaking valves, understanding of syndromology and cranio-facial anomalies in the context of feeding/swallowing and communication. In addition, specific public health issues will be addressed, including: reimbursement practices, impact on clinical practice in a variety of settings, collaboration with other professionals.