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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology currently consists of nine faculty, with 18 research staff and 10 graduate students. The department is undergoing an expansion, as three additional faculty will be added during the next two years. The Department is housed in the Basic Sciences Building in 12,500 sq ft of space. The campus is located in park like surroundings in Westchester County, about 25 miles north of Manhattan. Faculty funding for research is about $2.7M. The Department is well equipped for modern biochemical and molecular biology research. Instrumentation includes general laboratory instruments such as ultracentrifuges, centrifuges, UV-vis and CD spectrophotometers, high pressure liquid chromatography instruments, DNA sequencer, and a molecular graphics workstation. The Department is also well equipped with tissue culture facilities. There is a strong collegiate spirit in the College and interactions between faculty, students and other basic scientists are excellent.

Academic Programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Department offers the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees, and there are also opportunities for post-doctoral training.

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
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