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The Department of Physiology provides graduate training in physiology and provides students with an understanding of the structure and function of the cells and organ systems of the body and the means by which these functions are regulated. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of a sound basic training in general physiology through individually planned programs of course work, tutorials, seminars and supervised research. Instruction leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Science is available in the following specialized areas: cellular neurophysiology, regulation of sleep and wakefulness, neural, endocrine and local control of the circulation and microcirculation, cardiac dynamics, cardiac metabolism, cardiac hypertrophy and failure, endocrinology, neuroendocrinology, renal physiology, oxygen metabolism, and the physiology of biological membranes.

Graduates with a degree in physiology can pursue careers in research, teaching or management in academia, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, private research institutions, government science or regulatory agencies, or medicine and health care.

Further information on admissions and degree requirements, course offerings and research interests are available upon request from the Graduate Program Director.

Academic Programs in Physiology

The Department offers the Ph.D. and M.S. degrees.

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Christopher S. Leonard, Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Chair 
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