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Mission & History

Mission Statement

The mission of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is to educate biomedical scientists and to prepare them for careers as researchers, teachers, innovators and leaders.  Graduates of our Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs pursue careers in academia, the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and related biomedical industries, government, the not-for-profit sector, and in the health professions.  We seek to cultivate a dedicated, highly knowledgeable and skilled faculty, a diverse student body, interactive classes, individualized mentoring, and opportunities for hands-on internships and laboratory research training.  In so doing, the Graduate School strives to provide an outstanding and exciting educational experience for its students in an atmosphere of excellence, scholarship and integrity.


Founded in 1860 by poet William Cullen Bryant, NYMC has a long history of academic excellence and public service as well as an unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity. While much has changed at the College since the early days, NYMC’s tradition of progress and service has remained steadfast. Click here for College history timeline »

The College's involvement in graduate education dates back to 1910, when its records show the existence of advanced courses and research programs. Graduate courses in surgery and medicine were offered in the 1920's. In 1938, the College's charter was amended to include the authority to offer graduate degrees such as the Master of Science in medicine, a doctorate in medical science, and a doctorate in public health. In 1963, the Graduate School of Medical Sciences was founded, establishing for the first time a center for graduate education separate from the medical curriculum. The school was renamed the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences in 1969.