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Student Life

Student life at the NYMC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is dynamic and diverse. Through student organizations and activities, opportunities to get involved with the local community and a supportive and inclusive culture that helps students to do well, feel well and live well, there is always something fun and exciting happening. Additionally, we offer great dining and residential life options, and a range of health and wellness services to enhance your on-campus lifestyle.

We encourage students to be involved in as many activities as possible – social, recreational, religious/spiritual and athletic – as they complement the academic experience and help to reduce stress. At the core of what we offer to students outside the lab and classroom is the Graduate Student Association (GSA). The GSA organizes the annual Graduate Student Research Forum, hosts social functions, advocates for the needs and interests of Graduate School students, and coordinates community service projects that build strong links between the school and its neighbors.

Student Organizations

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an integral component of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Officers are elected annually and participate in a diversified program including student advocacy on a variety of social, academic and professional issues relevant to the graduate student members.

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Research Opportunities

Laboratory research underlies all the disciplines represented in the Graduate School, and an understanding of the modern scientific method is a basic learning objective that is common to all our programs. Our faculty comprises experienced investigators who provide practical lab experience and mentoring to Graduate School students. 

Conducting scientific research is, of course, a requirement for all Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. students from the beginning of their program. These students will rotate through several labs before choosing a sponsor and topic for their dissertation research.

For M.S. students, however, undertaking a research project is encouraged but not required. Students completing our Master’s programs have three options: composing a thesis based on original research, serving an internship in an organization, or writing a literature review. Even if a student chooses one of the latter two options, we believe it is worthwhile to do a short-term (summer or semester) lab rotation in order to gain valuable hands-on experience “at the bench.” The skills and knowledge gained through research work enhance and extend classroom learning and prepare students for a broader range of career options.

Graduate School students can choose to work with any of our active faculty investigators, representing the following disciplines: biochemistry and molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology and immunology, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology.

GSBMS Community Involvement

New York Medical College believes in active learning. Our commitment goes beyond merely equipping future healthcare professionals with specialized knowledge; we also emphasize hands-on training within the very communities they are destined to serve. 

Under the guidance of our own Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences mentors, students embark on a transformative journey that enriches their understanding of science and ignites a passion for research.